Try to take a picture of yourself is not a simple one. But the Audiovox ShutterBall is here to make it all so much easier, getting rid of those skewed angles, and dispensing with awkward arm. Now, there are some who will claim that the lack of those two things means that the picture really isn’t a selfie at all. That may be. But, if you want to just take a clean picture of you and your friends, you now have somewhere to turn to, besides a real camera with a countdown timer.


The ShutterBall is a remote Bluetooth shutter for Android and iOS smartphones. Using the Smart Shutter app, you’ll be able to set up your phone up to 60 feet away and snap a picture by pressing the handheld ShutterBall. That should help you keep it classy. The ShutterBall even comes with an easel stand for your smartphone, without which I guess the ShutterBall would be nearly unusable.

VIA Chip Chick